# Geoffrey Montee ### Objective Collaborate with smart and talented people to solve challenging technical problems using my broad set of hard and soft skills. ### Education - The Florida State University, M.S. in Computer Science (February 2012), Tallahassee, FL - The Florida State University, B.S. in Computer Science (December 2009), Tallahassee, FL - General H.H. Arnold High School, High School Diploma (June 2005), Wiesbaden, Germany --- ## Professional Experience ### MariaDB **Technical Information Manager, October 2019-Present** - Perform Structured Analytic Techniques (SATs) and competitive analysis of products to determine documentation gaps. - Apply User Experience (UX) skills to documentation work. - Interview potential contract technical writers and offer hiring advice to senior management. - Enable current contract technical writers to complete documentation tasks by providing requirements, feedback, and oversight. - Determine how to efficiently populate documentation pages using automation by extracting details from the product with custom tooling. - Collaborate with Product Management, Engineering, Marketing, and Customer Success to determine documentation needs based on a holistic, organization-wide view of the product. - Fact-check new technical details against product behavior and existing fact corpus to ensure that the full set of technical details remains consistent, mutually exclusive, and comprehensively exhaustive. - Provide suggestions for process changes to management that would improve the flow of information. - Write and edit documentation pages. ### Open Source Community **PostgreSQL Extension Developer, April 2014-Present** - Develop a Foreign Data Wrapper extension called tds_fdw, which allows PostgreSQL to query Microsoft SQL Server and Sybase databases. - Post releases of tds_fdw on GitHub and the PostgreSQL Extension Network (PGXN). - Address user feedback via GitHub issues and PostgreSQL's public mailing lists. - Give talks about tds_fdw for educational and promotional purposes. - For more information, see tds_fdw on GitHub: https://github.com/tds-fdw/tds_fdw ### MariaDB **Principal Technical Support Engineer, January 2015-October 2019** - Responded to & solved customer support issues. - Customers often requested Geoff to handle complex issues by name, due to his attention to detail and high level of customer satisfaction. - Collaborated with Product Management, Engineering, and external partners to solve customer issues and submit customer feature requests. - Provided customers with instructions on how to profile, monitor, and troubleshoot systems to identify root causes of issues. - Developed patches to fix bugs impacting customers. - Interviewed potential support engineers and offered hiring advice to senior management. - Wrote blog posts and documentation on technical topics. - Assisted users and developers on mailing lists, IRC, Slack, and Jira. ### Department of Defense **MySQL/PostgreSQL Database Administrator, February 2012-January 2015** - Held a TS/SCI clearance. - Acted as Lead MySQL/MariaDB DBA in charge of approximately 200 databases across several servers. - Acted as PostgreSQL DBA administrating approximately 30 databases across several servers. - Configured MySQL databases to replicate across multiple sites using MariaDB Galera Cluster. - Configured PostgreSQL databases to replicate across multiple sites using RepMgr and streaming replication. - Linked database security controls to external authorization sources to provide row-level security. - Extensively focused on securing databases and applications. ### Center for Ocean-Atmospheric Prediction Studies (at The Florida State University) **MySQL Database Administrator / Software Developer, January 2010-February 2012** - Designed and administrated MySQL databases. - Developed SAMOS 2.0: a system that analyzes meteorological and oceanographic data in near real-time. - Developed & maintained other automated systems and web services that support oceanographic and meteorological research. **MySQL Database Administrator / System Administrator, October 2006-December 2009** - Administrated MySQL databases. - Administrated Red Hat Enterprise Linux/CentOS 4 and 5 servers. - Administrated SGI IRIX servers. - Administrated Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP (LAMP) web stacks. - Supported Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X workstations. - Maintained tape backups of important data. - Provided on-site technical support for scientists and researchers. --- ## Skills ### Databases - 18 years of experience with databases, including, but not limited to MariaDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Percona Server, Microsoft SQL Server. - Experience with distributed databases, including, but not limited to MariaDB Xpand, MariaDB Enterprise ColumnStore, Galera Cluster. - Experience with database proxies, including MariaDB MaxScale and HAProxy - Proficient in SQL. - Developed portions of a modular database server (e.g., an interface for storing and sorting pages on disk, and an interface for a disk-based B-tree). ### Linux/Unix - 17 years of experience with Linux/Unix. - Familiar with CentOS, Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), Rocky, Ubuntu, Debian, Solaris, and SGI IRIX. - Experience with monitoring tools, including, but not limited to sar/sysstat, vmstat, iostat, nagios. - Developed Linux kernel drivers for academic research. ### Programming - Experience with programming languages, including, but not limited to C, C++, Python, Java, Scheme (Lisp), Perl, PHP, Ada, HTML, JavaScript. - Experience with programming tools, including, but not limited to git, gdb, strace, cmake, autotools, make, rpmbuild. - Able to analyze and debug code in most languages. ### Networking - Formal training in routing and routed protocols as well as access-control lists. - Experience configuring Cisco enterprise routers and switches. - Experience with monitoring and analyzing network traffic with tcpdump and Wireshark. ### Cloud - Experience with Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS), Monitoring-as-a-Service (MaaS). - Experience with Amazon AWS, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Microsoft Azure, and MariaDB SkySQL. ### DevOps - Experience with Terraform, Ansible, Docker, Kubernetes, Prometheus, Jenkins. ### Security - Experience with PAM, TLS/SSL, Microsoft Active Directory (AD), data-at-rest encryption, row-level security. - Reported security-related flaws in product designs and implementations. ### Technical Writing - Experience with reStructuredText, Sphinx, LaTeX, Markdown, Wikitext. - Able to accept feedback or criticism on deliverables and apply changes. --- ## Awards **Customer Success Award, October 2018** - Awarded by MariaDB for providing exceptional customer service to very high value customers. **Research Assistantship, January 2010-January 2012** - Awarded by the Center for Ocean-Atmospheric Prediction Studies to work on a M.S. in Computer Science with a tuition waiver and stipend. **Florida Bright Futures Medallion Scholar, January 2006-December 2009** - For exceptional high school grades and SAT scores, the Florida Bright Futures Medallion Scholar award paid 75% of undergraduate tuition. **Tech Student of the Year by DoDDS-Europe, 1st in school, 2nd in Europe, 2005** - For prolonged success in the high school technical program as well as displaying an exemplary drive to seek out and use new skills. **Networking Configuration Competition (Team Leader) by DoDDS-Europe, 1st in Europe, 2004 & 2005** - For completing a practical network implementation and completing it faster than other teams and meeting the requirements better than other teams. **Computer Troubleshooting Competition by DoDDS-Europe, 2nd in Europe, 2005** - For troubleshooting hardware problems with several computers. Judging based on accuracy and completion. --- ## Connect <div style="display: flex; justify-content: flex-start; gap: 20px; max-width: 200px;"> <a style="width: 90px; margin: auto; text-align: center; font-size: .8rem;" title="linkedin" href="https://www.linkedin.com/in/geoff-montee/" target="_blank" rel="noopener"> <svg xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2000/svg" role="img" viewBox="0 0 24 24" height="24px" width="24px"> <path d="M20.447 20.452h-3.554v-5.569c0-1.328-.027-3.037-1.852-3.037-1.853 0-2.136 1.445-2.136 2.939v5.667H9.351V9h3.414v1.561h.046c.477-.9 1.637-1.85 3.37-1.85 3.601 0 4.267 2.37 4.267 5.455v6.286zM5.337 7.433c-1.144 0-2.063-.926-2.063-2.065 0-1.138.92-2.063 2.063-2.063 1.14 0 2.064.925 2.064 2.063 0 1.139-.925 2.065-2.064 2.065zm1.782 13.019H3.555V9h3.564v11.452zM22.225 0H1.771C.792 0 0 .774 0 1.729v20.542C0 23.227.792 24 1.771 24h20.451C23.2 24 24 23.227 24 22.271V1.729C24 .774 23.2 0 22.222 0h.003z"></path> </svg> <br> linkedin </a> <a style="width: 90px; margin: auto; text-align: center;font-size: .8rem;" title="github" href="https://github.com/GeoffMontee" target="_blank" rel="noopener"> <svg style="enable-background:new 0 0 578.305 578.305;" viewBox="0 0 578.305 578.305" height="24px" width="24px" y="0px" x="0px" xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2000/svg" version="1.1"> <path d="M533.32,160.379c0.532-26.518-5.294-53.33-10.024-79.731c-1.628-9.088-4.927-17.87-8.177-26.487 c-2.448-6.487-9.676-10.618-16.334-9.198c-4.309,0.918-8.183,1.812-11.94,3.048c-39.327,12.938-75.741,31.86-110.723,53.844 c-4.7,2.95-11.536,4.015-17.21,3.599c-13.574-0.992-27.001-4.37-40.569-5.013c-33.58-1.591-67.093-0.569-100.368,5.251 c-4.626,0.808-10.716,0.012-14.559-2.472C165.27,78.537,125.582,57.411,80.937,45.55c-6.702-1.781-13.599-0.838-15.294,1.824 c-1.035,1.628-1.971,3.317-2.485,5.128c-4.823,16.946-10.539,33.807-13.342,51.114c-3.341,20.655-6.554,41.935-4.969,62.565 c0.998,12.968-2.583,20.937-9.669,30.037C11.407,226.757,0.703,261.861,0.048,300.35c-0.563,32.919,3.794,65,13.819,96.47 c15.355,48.219,45.006,84.406,89.652,107.95c36.708,19.357,76.708,26.818,117.639,28.256c36.892,1.292,73.856,0.196,110.79,0.404 c37.021,0.208,73.532-3.091,108.948-14.633c35.447-11.549,66.121-30.184,89.922-59.486 c34.376-42.326,45.079-92.186,47.276-144.965c1.684-40.361-6.542-78.329-30.178-111.347 C538.332,189.603,532.959,178.097,533.32,160.379z M462.047,469.641c-15.876,13.728-35.288,20.227-55.16,24.976 c-38.99,9.315-78.69,11.635-118.519,9.896c-39.37,1.707-78.287-0.747-116.592-9.762c-28.256-6.646-54.052-17.821-72.032-42.075 c-28.611-38.599-35.924-112.057,11.353-152.148c12.056-10.221,25.502-16.708,41.39-17.717c17.534-1.12,35.074-3.305,52.595-3.097 c44.199,0.526,88.378,2.724,132.571,3.054c20.184,0.146,40.509-4.56,60.545-3.348c18.207,1.102,37.351,4.455,53.875,11.781 c27.546,12.215,42.374,36.983,46.854,65.992C505.597,400.326,496.796,439.586,462.047,469.641z"></path> <ellipse ry="56.298" rx="42.124" cy="385.552" cx="390.026"></ellipse> <ellipse ry="56.298" rx="42.13" cy="385.552" cx="189.028"></ellipse> </svg> <br> github </a> </div>